Changeset [2a331bfbe8a4ae6c332094f333c4308449c11947] by raggi

March 16th, 2009 @ 06:12 PM

Merge commit 'origin/master' into async_for_rack

  • commit 'origin/master': Add changelog entry for last commit and bump version number. Fix error when using only options Regenerate gemspec Require EventMachine 0.12.4 Remove Thin handler, now part of Rack 0.9.1 regenerate .gemspec Make Parser test work w/ new Lint Rack validator, add Content-Length. Name version Super Disco Power and bump to 1.1.0. Fix Rack protocol version to 0.1. Fix error when passing no_epoll option to a cluster.

Committed by raggi

  • M lib/rack/handler/thin.rb
  • M lib/thin.rb
  • M lib/thin/command.rb
  • M lib/thin/runner.rb
  • M lib/thin/version.rb
  • M spec/command_spec.rb
  • M spec/runner_spec.rb
  • M spec/spec_helper.rb
  • M tasks/gem.rake
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