Changeset [af9b7d0b755a4622a73b4e461a06934d0b9449d7] by raggi

January 9th, 2009 @ 07:53 AM

Merge branch 'master' of git:// into async_for_rack

  • 'master' of git:// Add hostingrails to users page changelog entry for last patch thin.c#http_field : omit parsing #defined string Defaults SERVER_NAME to localhost like webrick does [#87 state:resolved] Add changelog entry for last merge Fix spec failing cause of newer version of Ragel skiping some useless chars when parsing. dont need to namespace macros regen parser with namespaced functions just making sure to namespace the parser requiring mongrel breaks the tests namepsacing namespacing ragel stuff Add gemspec file for github No need for COMMITTERS file anymore Update site users page

Committed by raggi

  • M ext/thin_parser/parser.c
  • M ext/thin_parser/parser.rl
  • M ext/thin_parser/thin.c
  • M lib/thin/request.rb
  • M site/thin.rb
  • M spec/request/parser_spec.rb
  • M tasks/gem.rake
  • M thin.gemspec
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